Threater’s New Cybersecurity Global Management Center

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For those of you who have been following our blogs over the past few months, you know that we’ve been busy over here at Threater (Check out our blogs for more information about our recent releases and announcements)! Therefore, we are excited to share with you the release of our newly revamped Global Management Center.

Global Management Center Allow and Deny List

The Threater Global Management Center (GMC) is a SaaS-based application that provides customers  a central place to  configure, manage, and monitor the Threater Threat Intelligence Firewall platform. Whether you have a single Threat Intelligence Firewall appliance or many, the GMC is the place to go for interfacing with and managing our Threat Intelligence Firewall platform. With GMC, you can:

  • Easily configure and manage policies for Threat Lists, Denied Lists, Allowed Lists, and GEO-IP policies. 
  • See what’s happening on your network with aggregated analytics and reporting showing you what connections are being blocked and allowed and why.
  • Centrally configure and manage multiple Threat Intelligence Firewalls with easy to deploy software updates and forthcoming asset provisioning capabilities.

With the GMC, your organization has 24/7 access, visibility and control of your Threat Intelligence platform deployment!

So let’s talk about some of the cool new features!

  • A New Look and Feel! We’ve made some exciting cosmetic changes with a new more modern look and feel, colors that align to our new branding, and more responsive and easy to read user interface.
  • We’ve made some socially conscious changes to how we talk about threat intelligence terms. We did this because it’s the right thing to do. You will notice that we no longer use the terms “Black/White Lists.” From now on, these will be referred to as “Allowed Lists” and “Denied Lists.”
  • Speaking of Denied and Allowed Lists, we’ve made it simpler and easier to create and manage automated and manual IPv4 and Domain Denied and Allowed Lists.
  • And of course, we fixed some plumbing that we won’t bore you with now…but it allows us to do more with greater power, ease of use, and greater efficiency. It also provides us the foundation to more rapidly extend GMC with new capabilities and integrations.

Our customers received notice of this update over the weekend and we are pleased to report the update is complete and you can now login and experience the exciting new changes. If you have a question or any issues with the new GMC, please contact

If you are not a Threater customer and want to know more about our Global Management Center and how it interfaces with the Threater Threat Intelligence Firewall platform, feel free to contact us at