AIG + Threater

Protect your network from unwanted IP addresses and domains before they hit your network.

Threater is a
technology partner for

One of the most foundational cybersecurity steps for any company is to automatically block traffic to and from known threat actors at scale. This is why AIG provides qualifying policyholders the ability to do just that with Threater. Best yet: this protection comes at no additional cost.

An active defense that blocks every threat in real time.

Our cloud-based platform aggregates and integrates all of your threat intelligence in real time and blocks known bad traffic without adding latency to your network. Our platform provides 30M threat indicators out of the box and offers support for over 165M+.

  • Strengthens defenses by enabling an ideal protected network while improving firewall efficiency
  • Mitigate false positives quickly and intuitively using automation, saving time and resources
  • Increases the value of your existing security investments

Threater Enforce Subscription

A complimentary 1Gb Enforce subscription for as long as you are an eligible policyholder.