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Enforce deploys and enforces data- in real time – at scale – across your entire network and blocks all known bad threat actors from ever entering your network.

What Threater Enforce Does


Easily gain access to the world’s best third party cyber intelligence and services by utilizing the Threater Cyber Marketplace in addition to your own feeds and data sources to inform your blocking parameters.


Harness unmatched amounts of cyber intelligence to autonomously block known threat actors coming in and out of the network at line speed.


Reduce network traffic and arm your team and other technologies with powerful insights about what is happening in your network in real time.

Foundational Network Security

Threater's list of cyber intelligence sources, open-source, government, commercial, add-ons, and connectors

Aggregate best-in-class cyber intelligence

Enforce focuses on who is sending the threats instead of the threats themselves.

Modern day threat actors are nimble and adapt their code quickly to evade detection. But as the methods and types of attacks constantly evolve, the constant in the cybersecurity equation is the “who”: threat actors themselves, not the “what” of the attacks.

Enforce aggregates best-in-class cyber intelligence feeds to inform enforcement decisions seamlessly on both inbound and outbound traffic.

Instead of relying on a single vendor’s view of the threat landscape, Enforce leverages the full power of the cyber intelligence community to inform blocking decisions and stop communications with known threat actors, no matter how they enter or exit the network.

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Enforce can ingest and enforce on up to 150 million threat indicators at line speed and updates automatically.

Because Enforce does not rely on a single proprietary view of the threat landscape, it can ingest as much cyber intelligence as is available today in order to block traffic based on the best and most up-to-the-minute intelligence available.

Block known threat actors at the network level autonomously

Informed by best-in-class cyber intelligence, Enforce blocks traffic to and from known threat actors.

No matter how threat actors are trying to get in, Enforce stops the call. This results in removing up to 30-50% of network traffic hitting your firewall and security stack.

And because of Enforce’s patented technology, enforcement happens at line speed with no impact to network performance, all without the need for monitoring by employees.

Users can also adjust their risk threshold limits for various types of malicious traffic, sourced from cyber intelligence feeds. These can be customized for inbound vs. outbound traffic, all handled with ease in the Enforce platform.

Simple Deployment, Immediate Protection.

Threater Enforce deploys in ~30 minutes and instantly starts protecting your network from known threat actors, whether you’re on-prem, in the cloud, or both.

For cloud deployments, we provide vendor-specific deployment and installation templates to make sure your instance is up and running as quickly as you need. Once installed, Enforce automatically blocks traffic to and from known threats on every port and protocol.

Threater Enforce pie graph showing how they eliminate up to 30 - 50% of bad internet traffic

Enhance your security team and technologies

The internet is a hostile environment. Threat actors are not only sending large amounts of encrypted traffic but also using “back door” entrances to the network such as stolen passwords, phishing, and other means.

Right now security teams and technologies are bogged down with redundant alerts and unnecessary triaging of known-bad traffic.

By removing this traffic going to and from known threat actors, Enforce eliminates up to 30-50% of internet traffic. This allows your teams and technologies to focus on the unknown instead of wasting their time and resources on known-bad traffic.

How Enforce Works

Threater blocks what your security stack cannot

What Customers Are Saying

“Threater is the best bump-in-the-wire IP/URL reputation security appliance I’ve ever used!”

Dane Z., Information Security Engineer, Mid-Market (51-1000 employees)

“We’ve had a Threater device ever since I arrived at my organization almost 7 years ago. It was brought in by my now senior manager and I would never deploy another site without one.”

Dalton R., IT Lead Infrastructure & Security Analyst, Mid-Market (51-1000 employees)

“The appliances are effortless to deploy, configure, and maintain. We can quickly look up log data on each device individually when we suspect something may be getting blocked. Their reports clearly illustrate the importance of the service to leadership.”

Paul D., Director of IT Enterprise (less than 1000 employees)