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Instantly improve your security posture with the simple add-on that blocks every threat.

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Threater is a SaaS security enhancement tool that neutralizes risks and automatically stops threats from ever hitting your network. It’s the intelligence-driven easy button for smarter enterprise security. Powered with more than 50 world-class cyber intelligence feeds, Threater inspects, blocks and logs every known threat – and automatically stops them, every single time. What’s more, Threater seamlessly integrates with all your security tools and doesn’t require you to change a thing.

Get ready for tons of benefits – and none of the threats. Become a Threater partner today, and instantly fill gaps, add tangible value, enhance solutions offerings, and protect your networks better than ever.

Threater Partner Programs

As an MSP partner, you can easily monitor and manage multiple customers and connect Threater’s open threat intelligence solution to any security tool you already use.

As a channel partner you can scale, deploy, and use integrations, while automatically updating via the cloud, so that customer networks are always protected against the latest threats.

As a data partner, provide your customer more value within a larger system, partnering via OEM and other strategic relationships.

AIG provides qualifying policyholders the ability to block traffic to and from known threat actors at scale with Threater.

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