How to Enable Autonomous Cybersecurity with Threater

Cyber Intelligence Marketplace Listings

We’re excited to announce the official launch of Threater’s Cyber Intelligence Marketplace. Cyber Intelligence Marketplace provides Threater customers with even greater access to high-value multi-source cyber intelligence data from leading intelligence providers. Our Marketplace includes cyber intelligence from long-time partners DomainTools, Proofpoint Emerging Threats, and Webroot and new premium offerings from four new partners – Bambenek Labs, Cyjax, Intel 471, and Malware Patrol. We’re also excited to announce an expanded partnership with DomainTools.

The current model for cyber intelligence is complex, expensive and ineffective, requiring a significant amount of time, money and staffing resources that many small and medium-sized businesses typically don’t have access to. Threater’s Cyber Intelligence Marketplace helps solve these industry pain points by providing easy and cost effective access to cyber intelligence that can protect networks autonomously at a scale traditional network security controls can’t match.

At Threater, we believe that protection from cyber threats requires all organizations to use cyber intelligence from multiple sources. The launch of Cyber Intelligence Marketplace represents a continuation of our commitment to offer more and more cyber intelligence data sources to customers.

A Closer Look At Cyber Intelligence Marketplace

Cyber Intelligence Marketplace allows Threater customers to easily discover, access, acquire, deploy and enforce a curated collection of high quality cyber intelligence data within minutes across their entire network and edge – in real time – without added latency. All Threater customers can easily access Cyber Intelligence Marketplace through our cloud-based management portal.

In Cyber Intelligence Marketplace customers can:

  • Easily discover, evaluate, and acquire cutting edge cyber intelligence data to protect their networks, data and users.
  • Benefit from automated curation and management of all of their cyber intelligence in one, easy to use, cloud-based interface that scales with evolving needs.
  • Instantly deploy data across their network in real-time and increase network protection by taking action with high-value intelligence from a variety of sources.

Cyber Intelligence Marketplace is anchored by our long-standing cyber intelligence data partners, including DomainTools, Proofpoint Emerging Threats, and Webroot. We’re also extremely excited about the availability of additional premium offerings from new partners. We will be providing an in depth look at each of our partners over the coming weeks but here is a high level look at our new offerings

  • Cyjax – Validated feed of contextualized IP and domain indicators discovered from Cyjax research across the threat landscape
  • Intel 471 – Malware IP Indicators associated with banking trojans, infostealers, loaders, and ransomware.
  • Malware Patrol – IPs and domains associated with malware, ransomware, C2 servers, and Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) infrastructure, DNS over HTTPs (DoH) resolvers, and Tor exit nodes.
  • Well-Fed Threat Intelligence from Bambenek Labs – Providing protection from sinkhole IPs, DGA infrastructure, and malware and phishing domains

Expanded Partnership with DomainTools

As part of our Cyber Intelligence Marketplace launch, we’re also excited to announce an expanded partnership with DomainTools. DomainTools is a leading provider of domain name and DNS-based predictive threat intelligence. Threat intelligence from DomainTools will now be available as part of all Threater subscriptions. This includes a Domain Hotlist as well as a new IP Hotlist (coming soon). The expanded availability of DomainTools threat intelligence will provide all Threater customers with enhanced protection from domains and IPs associated with phishing, malware, and spam threats.

More Access to Multi-Source Cyber Intelligence = Greater Protection from Threats

The launch of Cyber Intelligence Marketplace is consistent with our strategy at Threater. Our strategy focuses on allowing customers to easily access, deploy, and enforce using massive volumes of cyber intelligence from multiple sources.

Providing access to cyber intelligence data from any source is a cornerstone of our strategy. There are lots of great sources and providers of cyber intelligence and our approach is 100% focused on partnering with cyber intelligence data providers.

We fundamentally believe that defending against today’s threats is a volume game that requires that all organizations use cyber intelligence from multiple sources, including commercial sources, open source, government, and industry. In our blog Using Multi-Source Threat Intelligence to Strengthen Network Security, we discussed in detail why using multi-source cyber intelligence is critical.

The bottom line is that using multi-source cyber intelligence allows you to significantly improve your ability to prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

Register now to join us for a Webinar and  learn more about Threater’s Cyber Intelligence Marketplace on Thursday, July 15th at 1pm EDT. You can find more information on the webinar here:

Over the next several weeks, we will also be publishing blogs and hosting mini-webinars with each of our partners. Stay tuned to learn more about everything our Cyber Intelligence Marketplace has to offer!