Automated Allowed Lists: Allowing the Trusted, While Blocking the Bad

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In today’s networks, users and data are everywhere. Whether cloud networking or the move to remote users, organizations are tasked with protecting the users and their data, regardless of where they are, or how they access resources. Organizations need the ability to block the bad traffic, while allowing trusted traffic without affecting business continuity. However, with the plethora of 3rd party cloud-based tools that are used on a daily basis, the ability to determine who to trust, stay abreast of the IPs and Domains used by those trusted tools, and manually create rules in their traditional security tools, is a laborious and daunting task.

Pre-Populated Allowed Lists in our Cloud-Based Management Portal

The Threater platform delivers automated, easy to use, Allowed Lists that simplify usability, while still protecting from malicious IPs and Domains. In short, we’ve done the hard work for you so that you don’t have to worry about blocking the stuff that you use.

Threater users can access these pre-populated Allowed Lists from the menu bar in our Cloud-Based Management Portal, as seen below:

From this screen, you can enable automated Allowed Lists for some of the most popular tools used by organizations today, including:

  • Docusign
  • MailChimp 
  • GetHub
  • Google
  • Microsoft

And coming soon! 

  • Apple!
  • SurveyMonkey!

Not only have we simplified the integrations, but we’ve also removed the heavy lifting! These prepopulated Allowed List are updated automatically so that IT teams don’t have to worry about keeping the IPs and Domains of their most frequently used tools up to date. Additionally, curated Allowed Lists can also be created, so that the Threater can be customized to an organization’s unique needs and requirements. 

Whether delivering best-in-class threat intelligence to secure your networks, data and users in real-time, blocking attacks from up to 150M malicious IPs and domains in real-time with no latency, or simplifying security configurations with automated, integrated Allowed Lists, Threater makes blocking threats smart and simple – at scale – everywhere. 

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