The Challenges with Next-Generation Firewalls Whitepaper Now Available

Network Infrastructure Concept Image

For more than two decades, the firewall (and its evolution to the next-generation firewall NGFW) has been THE security king. As networks and the cyber threats against them have evolved, so have firewall vendors continued to throw features and functionality to their firewall devices. This has resulted in a never-ending array of firewall capabilities that were never imagined when the firewall was first borne. (It’s also created a bit of a performance issue..but more about that later. 🙂 )

Included in this race to be the “end all” security device, firewall vendors have touted their “intelligence” as being a differentiating factor. Round and round the firewall vendors have gone, marketing their intelligence as being “more intelligent” than their competition. To be fair, this worked for a while. However, in recent years the focus on threat intelligence (in its many forms) has been a little bit of an “unveiling” for the threat intelligence capabilities of the NGFW.  What’s more, as organizations have started using threat intelligence in their daily security practice, they are finding that their next generation firewalls are having a tough time keeping up.

To help you understand what this all means, we have released a new paper, aptly named,  The Threat Intelligence Challenges with Next-Generation Firewalls, where we explain these challenges in detail, and give you some great advice. Specifically, we:

  • Provide an in-depth look at firewalls’ reliance on proprietary and closed threat intelligence and their limited ability to integrate third-party threat intelligence;
  • Quantify these limitations with real world data from leading next-gen firewall providers;
  • Discuss why firewalls have these limitations; and
  • Take a quick look at how the Threater Threat Intelligence Firewall platform is not only helping organizations to overcome the threat intelligence challenges they face with their firewalls but also helps them to improve the efficiency of and get more out of their firewall investments.

Also – keep an eye out for our blogs in the coming weeks. We will be having a few more chats about these challenges and expanding on some of the concepts we talk about in the paper. You won’t want to miss it! Until then, be sure to give it a read and download your copy while supplies last (Just kidding. Obviously there are an indefinite amount of copies…but seriously, it’s some good stuff)!