Threater Receives 4.75/5 From SC Magazine!

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SC Magazine has released their product review for Threater, awarding us 4.75 out of 5 stars! 

About Threater’s Review at SC Magazine

In their review, the reviewers at SC Magazine found that Threater was unique in our approach to using threat intelligence to protect networks. From the article, SC Magazine stated:

Rather than develop and silo its own threat intelligence, Threater compiles the threat intelligence gathered by third-party companies and then automates it so that the information provided by other products becomes as actionable as possible. This approach also gives analysts an added advantage. They now have access to information from an array of sources that they can use to gain a better understanding of the activity on their own networks.

They go on to highlight the benefits of blocking from, “….Hundreds of Millions of unique IP and Domain IoC’s…” 

The article goes on to highlight the benefits that we’ve been sharing with our customers for a while, including valuable insights into traffic, easy to use dashboards, stronger security posture…and overall….simplicity. Simplicity built into every aspect of our product. From using our out-of-box threat intelligence from industry-leading threat intelligence providers, to adding your own curated lists, to automating and integrating SIEMs, SOARs and TIPS. 

This is great validation of our core belief that Nothing Scales Like Simplicity…
In full transparency, they offered some really great suggestions for us to be better at what we do..and we will be happy to look at ways to incorporate these suggestions. That said, overall, we are pleased with this review. If you’d like to, you can read the full report here: .

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