Global Resilience Federation Cybersecurity Webinar


Threater and Global Resilience Federation announced a partnership in April 2019 to integrate automated intelligence feeds and gateway technology for the perimeter defense of GRF affiliated companies. The Webinar, “How to Get Better ROI from GRF eXchange and Your ISAC, ISAO, or CERT Threat Feeds, Automatically” overviews the GRF eXchange and showcases the Threater TIG, and how it makes integrating ISAO threat feeds, CERT threat feeds, ISAC threat feeds more actionable, saving time and resources for security teams.

Watch the webinar in full below, and learn more about how Threater and GRF are working together on our partnership page.Download the GRF-Bandura Cyber Data Sheet     Visit the Bandura Cyber-GRF Page

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