How Threater Is Helping Companies Manage Every Aspect of Cybersecurity

Threater logo

Our new brand identity reflects our commitment to blocking, mitigating, and defending against threats at scale.

You might have noticed — we have a new name. Say hello to Threater!

So why the change?

It’s simple, really. We help you do way more than just block threats. Our company has experienced serious growth over the past few years, and we thought it was time for our brand identity to reflect the comprehensive cybersecurity solution we provide for our customers.

Put simply, Threater now helps you to do everything related to threats: mitigating them, blocking them, finding them, etc. Our evolution as a brand is marked by a concerted effort to arm organizations against an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape because increasingly sophisticated threats are attacking our networks, deploying faster, and causing more damage than ever. The Threater team has built our solutions to help companies address the critical need to not only block threats but proactively defend their digital assets. 

Our CEO Brian McMahon summed it up well:

“Security teams are increasingly coming to understand the costs of unmanaged and undetected cyber security threats,” Brian said when we announced the news

“Through our relationships with our global customer base, we have the experience and are uniquely positioned to help organizations block all known threats entering and exiting the network and help them mitigate the unknown threats inside their network. Our customers have been asking for these types of additional services and we are excited about now being able to offer them.”

Threater now offers three core solutions to help every company, regardless of budgets or needs, stay safe and secure. Let’s take a deeper look:

Threater’s Three Key Solutions: Collect, Enforce, Cyber Marketplace

Our three solutions are simple but powerful. We have:

  1. Collect: A free product for aggregating threat intelligence
  2. Enforce: Our flagship product that leverages massive amounts of threat intelligence to block known threat actors coming in and out of the network level
  3. Cyber Marketplace: Additional add-ons, from premium and industry-specific data sources to SOC-as-a-Service

Let’s get a little more specific: 

Threater Collect

Not every company has a huge budget, but everyone deserves an option for managing their threat intelligence. That’s why we designed Collect: to ensure that every organization has such a tool at its disposal. 

Available free to users, Collect allows you to aggregate and manage threats in the cloud, while easily exporting them to your existing set of tools. Collect provides millions of open-source datasets, including a new proprietary Cloud Attackers dataset that’s only available on our platform.

Threater Enforce

Even if not’s the only thing we do, blocking known threats is still a core part of what we provide to our customers. 

We’ve strategically upgraded the user experience of our flagship product. Our users can more easily deploy and enforce all of their data — in real-time and at scale. You can use Enforce to help block bad threat actors across your organization’s entire network.

Threater Cyber Marketplace

We’ve evolved our successful Cyber Marketplace to help our users acquire and deploy the best third-party cyber intelligence and services in the biz. Our team has renewed partnerships with existing providers — and will continue to expand. Stay tuned for more announcements early next year.

Services available in our Marketplace include our flagship firewall assessment service and exclusive advanced list management that includes dedicated SOC-as-a-Service hours and white glove support tiers.

What this means for you: our customer, partner, or friend

Now that you understand our vision and offerings, you’re probably coming back to a simple question: what does this mean for me?

We’re not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter, big-box provider. Because that’s not what our customers need. We’ve built Threater to be an affordable, all-in-one solution for everything related to cyber security threats. 

We’ll help you block, mitigate, and defend against threats at scale. That way, you can focus on what’s really important: growing your business.

Try out Threater Collect for free here.