How Threater Threat Intelligence Automates FS-ISAC Threat Feeds

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The Threater Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) aggregates, automates, and blocks threats based on FS-ISAC threat feeds and an unlimited number of external threat sources. This improves the cybersecurity posture of FS-ISAC members while reducing the workload on their staff and existing security tools and resources. Learn More about FS-ISAC & Threater.

How Threater Blocks Threats Based on FS-ISAC Threat Feeds

The Threater Threat Intelligence Gateway—or Threater TIG—is a network security solution that blocks up to 100 million IP and Domain threat indicators from an unlimited number of threat sources, before the perimeter at line speed, protecting organizations from network infiltration and data ex-filtration from 19 threat categories, including phishing, ransomware, malware, cryptojackers, DDoS, and Command-and-control attacks.

Deployed in-line, as a virtual machine, or on the cloud, the Threater TIG helps financial institutions improve and fortify network security defenses, get more out of their FS-ISAC and other threat feeds, improve cybersecurity standards and regulations like NIST Cybersecurity Framework & FFIEC, and reduce the workload on their staff through automated threat management, reduced alerts, and simplified logs and reporting.

FS-ISAC threat feeds integrate automatically into the Threater TIG via the product’s blacklist functionality. In the Global Management Center, simply click on “Add Blacklist” and chose the FS-ISAC option. Add in your membership credentials, and the IP and Domain Indicators of Compromise on the FS-ISAC threat feed will be integrated into the Threater TIG and blocked. It is simple, easy-to-install in 30 minutes or less, complements existing next-generation firewalls, SIEMs, and TIPs—and is incredibly powerful.

No more managing access control lists in your firewall, combing through unmanageable logs, or using threat intelligence for only detection & response. Some Threater TIG users have reduced their log review by over 66%. The Threater TIG has many features that improve network security and make using threat intelligence for prevention easy, including out-of-the-box threat feeds, whitelisting, blacklisting, GEO-IP country blocking, ASN blocking, automated reporting, drill-downs by threat category, and more.