Keeping Banks Safe with Texas Bankers ISAO Threat Intelligence

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In a previous blog, Unleashing the Power of Industry Threat Intelligence, we talked about the importance of industry-specific threat intelligence. With attackers commonly launching industry-specific attacks, having visibility into threats targeting your industry is critical to cyber defense. That’s why at Threater, an important component of our partner and integration strategy continues to be integrating threat intelligence from ISACs/ISAOs.

On that note, we’re pleased to announce the addition of another ISAC/ISAO integration – Texas Bankers ISAO. Texas Bankers ISAO was recently formed by the Texas Bankers Association (TBA). Its mission is “to improve Texas Community Bank’s cybersecurity posture by identifying standards and guidelines for robust and effective information sharing and collaboration related to cybersecurity risks, incidents and best practices.” Texas Bankers ISAO offers several free services to its members. This includes a Slack group in which TBA members can communicate, collaborate, and share threat intelligence and threat intelligence management platform service that is powered by TruSTAR. TBA members can leverage TruSTAR to operationalize data across tools and teams, helping them prioritize investigations and accelerate incident response.

A Customer Driven Integration Story

When it comes to catalysts for partnerships and integrations there is nothing better than when they’re customer driven. This is exactly what happened here. We became aware of Texas Bankers ISAO when one of our customers asked if the Threater platform could integrate with Texas Bankers ISAO. At that time, we did not have a formal integration in place but we let our customer know that this was something we could look to add in the future.

Following this conversation, the Threater team quickly mobilized and initiated a collaborative effort with Texas Bankers ISAO and TruSTAR to develop the integration. As a result of a true team effort by all parties, we were able to quickly develop an integration with TruSTAR’s platform. This integration allowed us to integrate with Texas Bankers ISAO but also provided the added benefit that it could also be used by any customer using TruSTAR. Specific to Texas Bankers ISAO, the integration enables Threater customers that are members of Texas Bankers ISAO to easily create automated IPv4 and Domain Denied Lists based on threat intelligence from the ISAO.

After completing the integration, we scheduled a call with our customer to walk them through the three simple steps required to enable the integration with Texas Bankers ISAO.

  1. Select the TruSTAR plugin (from either IPv4 or Domain Denied Lists)
  2. Enter a few configuration parameters
  3. Click Create

In less than 15 minutes, we reviewed the integration with the customer, configured the plugin, and just like that the Texas Bankers ISAO threat feed was enabled in the Threater platform.

Our happy customer was then able to use industry-specific threat intelligence from Texas Bankers ISAO to proactively block network connections to IPs and domains deemed malicious by the ISAO. Threat intelligence from Texas Bankers ISAO was a nice addition to the tens of millions of threat intel indicators Threater provides “out of the box” from best-in-class threat intel sources and other threat intelligence being used by the customer.

Making it Simple to Integrate Threat Intelligence From Any Source

As you can see, the Threater platform makes it easy for users that are members of ISACs/ISAOs to integrate and take action with industry threat intelligence in real-time. At Threater, we are constantly expanding our integrations with ISACs/ISAOs and other sources of threat intelligence. If there is a source we don’t currently integrate with that you would like to see just let us know!

When it comes to threat intelligence Threater is all about allowing you to use best-in-class threat intelligence to secure your networks, data and users in real-time – wherever they are – on-prem, cloud, remote, or all of the above. This best-in-class comes from multiple sources including the threat intelligence data we provide “out of the box” as well as the many ways we make it easy for you to integrate threat intelligence from any source in real time.

If you are a Threater customer and a member of Texas Bankers ISAO and are interested in enabling this integration please contact

If you are Texas Bankers ISAO member and are interested in learning more about how the Threater platform can help you block up to 150 Million malicious IPs and domains using threat intelligence from Texas Bankers ISAO and multiple other best-in-class sources please visit our website, schedule a demo, or sign up for a free trial.