New Name, Same Threat Intelligence Platform

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So you may have noticed that there are some big changes over here at Threater. I thought I’d take a minute and walk you through some of these changes, as well as explain why we made them. 

Now, normally, these announcements are filled with a bunch of “corporate-speak” about “..better aligning with our strategy and vision of….” But i’m not going to do that.

Simply put, we’ve decided to do some “Marie Kondo’ing” of our website, how we talk about our product, and how we engage with you. 

You will notice 3 big changes: 

1. First, look and feel. Our website was dark and dreary. So we thought we’d lighten things up. Also – that blue and white color scheme is getting a little tired, so we thought we’d add some color! And finally – after going to the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco, and seeing our same shield graphic on about 400 other Cyber Security company booth graphics….we thought we’d create something that was all our own. Check it out (start at the beginning):

We also tried to simplify how you get around our website. This is ongoing….so forgive our “construction zone” as we continue to make our website better. 

We are working to help you to find what you need easier, and faster. 

2. What we do: We’ve simplified how we talk about our Threat Intelligence Gateway product (and changed the name of it) so it’s easier to understand what our product does and how it does it. 

QUESTION: Quick! What’s a “Gateway”?


We’ve found that it often takes a lot of discussion to explain what our Gateway product does. We’ve also noticed that when we’ve started conversations by saying “We’re like a firewall – but specifically for threat intelligence,” people tend to understand what we do, through the explanation. Instead of continually needing to explain what it is that we do, why not just use a term that you already understand?  Firewall.

Therefore, our Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) product is now a Threat intelligence Firewall

Now…there are many types of firewalls (WAF, stateful inspection firewall, NGFW, etc.). How are we different from all of those? 

Our Threat Intelligence Firewall is a firewall purposely built just for threat intelligence. It takes up to 150 million IP and domain-based threat indicators that are sent from our Actionable Threat Intelligence ATI engine, and it blocks any traffic coming into your network or leaving your network that is coming from (or going to) those sources. If traffic is coming from a malicious IP or domain, we block it. If you want to block an entire country. We block that too. If you want to allow traffic from a specific IP or domain, we allow it. We can block all of this known-bad traffic before it hits your network, allowing your existing security controls to do what they do – determine if the “unknown” traffic should be allowed in your network.

(Isn’t that just so much easier to understand than a “gateway”?)

3. How we help you…we want to make your life easier: 

  • We are working in several ways to communicate better with you. One of the ways we plan to do that is to do exactly what we are doing now – blogging. We will share thoughts, minor updates, new things, etc., via blogs and our LinkedIn page. That way you can read what you want, when you want.

Now, don’t worry! For our current customers, if something big is happening, we will still communicate directly. 

  • Coming Soon : Regularly Scheduled Live Demo’s! So we are going to set up regular online, live demonstrations of our product, cool new features, updates, that our customers (or those interested) can jump on and ask a question, new customers can get training, etc. 
  • Newsletters and Reporting: We are thinking about resurrecting our quarterly newsletters. We would love to hear suggestions from you. Please let us know what you think about the changes we are making, how often you like to receive communications (and how), or any other ideas you may have. Feel free to email us at 

If you are new to Threater and would like more information on the Threater Threat Intelligence Protection Platform please visit us at

If you would like more information about our Threat Intelligence-driven protection, download our Threat Intelligence Platform data sheet.

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