Why Allowlisting is Critical for Network Security

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An Ongoing Blog Series Highlighting Threater’s Best-In-Class Threat Intelligence

This morning, we were alerted that IP addresses for Google and Microsoft were added to one of our Threat Lists. With any threat intelligence data, there is the occasional risk of false positives. This is even truer when you use threat intelligence at the scale we do at Threater. 

Why Using Allowlisting is Important

While using threat intelligence at scale to block bad traffic is a key component of our value proposition, an equally important component is our ability to make it easy to allow known good traffic at scale. To that end, over the last several months, we’ve significantly expanded our “out of the box” Automated Allowed Lists. The lists allow you to easily allow known good traffic from sources like Google, Microsoft, DocuSign, and Zoom to name a few. 

Today’s events provide a great illustration of the significant value our Automated Allowed Lists provide. Like all of our threat intel sources, Allowed Lists are automatically updated by Threater. making it easy to manage your security posture.

Threater’s Automated Allowed Lists

For Threater customers, Automated Allowed Lists can be easily enabled via Allowed Lists in our cloud-based management portal. Here is how:

  • Log into GMC
  • Select Allowed List and then IPv4 from the left menu
  • On the IPv4 Allowed List page enable Google through by checking the box or follow the following steps for Microsoft:
    • Click the green + icon and select the Microsoft Plugin from the dropdown
    • Enter a name for the list and a description if you want (the description is optional)
    • We recommend checking All under Service Areas, which will then allow traffic to all of the Microsoft IPs they publish
    • Click the green Create button and you’ll be all set

To learn more about the significant value provided by our Allowed Lists check out our recent blog: Automated Allowed Lists: Allowing the Trusted, While Blocking the Bad.

Stay Tuned!

In our coming blogs, we will highlight more of our TIP integrations and partners.

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