Threater 2.0: Defend Against Cyberattacks at Scale

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I think we can all agree that 2020 has certainly been a time of upheaval and change. Through it all, what has been most remarkable, has been the spirit in which a collective majority of people have harnessed this change into something good. Here at Threater, this past year has offered us an opportunity to re-evaluate, to grow, and to evolve. And we have done just that. Building on the foundation of a product that solves very real customer challenges in a smart and simple way, we have revamped our website, grown our organization, clarified our message, and released significant improvements into our portfolio – including our new Threater 2.0 software. We’ve continued to build on 2.0, and are excited to announce some exciting features and functionality to our platform, including a new name. 

Threater is the new name for the Threat Intelligence Gateway component of the Threater platform. We feel that this name simply articulates what it is that we do, and allows for future growth of our platform. (Teaser Alert!) Look for some very exciting things to be announced and launched in the new year! 

Threater 2.0 (formerly TIG OS 2.0) was released with significant improvements to our platform. Since its release, we have continued to add feature functionality into subsequent release builds, including our recently released Build 59. We are very excited about Threater 2.0, and want to share with you some of the exciting features:

Threater 2.0 Features Include: 

Significant Performance Improvements – Threater 2.0 supports over 150M unique IP and domain indicators.  This performance offers unprecedented protection from a broad range of today’s IP and domain threats.

Threat Feed Source Attribution – Our on-device logs associate IPs and domains with specific threat intelligence feeds and lists. This context improves visibility into specific threats, the ability to investigate threats, and most importantly, provides a mechanism to measure ROI and efficacy (i.e. false positives) for specific threat intelligence sources.

Denied listing & Allowed listing – Allowed and denied list policies are configurable based on specific resource groups which provides mode granular policy management and enforcement capabilities. Our IPv4 allowed lists help mitigate false positives and provide more contextual information about connection information. Additionally, we have added more automated allowed lists including: DocuSign, GitHub, Google, Mailchimp, and Microsoft. Stay tuned as we are constantly adding more to this list!

Enhanced Visibility and Policy Control – Through the use of expanded resource groups for global policy information, as well as JSON-based configuration import functionality, users can identify changes and quickly configure multiple Threater deployments across their network.

Automated Software Download Support – This exciting new feature allows our users to perform an automated or scheduled download without the need to manually download and upload full images to Threater devices.

RFC-Compliant Syslog Export – Improved and more powerful syslog export capabilities. Syslog export is now fully RFC-Compliant allowing for simplified log export to SIEMs and data analytics platforms. Syslog export is also customizable enabling users to control which logs to export.

Cloud Support in AWS Our Threater 2.0 architecture was built to be ready for cloud. We’ll be releasing our Threater 2.0-powered cloud protection device for AWS in December 2020, with support for Azure and GCP following in 2021. Stay tuned for more details!

These enhancements are just some of the exciting new features we have made over the past year, and continue to build on as we look to the future….all of which continue to deliver on our strategy – Threater uses simple, innovative technology and best-in-class threat intelligence to secure your networks, data and users in real time –  wherever they are.   

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