Threater Recognized as a Top Threat Intelligence Solution

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With cyberattacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, just a simple firewall will no longer save you. They are easily misguided and overwhelmed by the number of attacks. 

Firewalls alone are no longer the answer. 

Why? Firewalls are easily blinded by encrypted attacks. They’re easily traversed by port forwarding fragmented packet attacks. They are often misconfigured. They can also get confused by simple extended web and messaging protocols. Side channel attacks, BYOD, and WFH all compound the problem.

It’s safe to say that while firewalls have been a staple of network security for years, in today’s modern world, security stacks need more than a firewall to ensure data is secure. 

Introducing Threater. 

Threater is a SaaS security enhancement that neutralizes risks and automatically stops threats from ever hitting your network. We cover your bases with deep packet inspection when and where it makes sense on the firewall side, blocking every known malicious actor out there, in real-time, with no adverse impact tor your network performance. Not to mention that we use data from over 50 threat-related feeds to stop threats before they even have a chance to strike.

Don’t just take our word for it. 

Due to our trusted platform and seamless, cloud-based integration process, we are thrilled to share that we were included in the market’s best threat intelligence solutions!

The list was compiled by Cybernews – a cybersecurity and online technology resource that breaks the latest news, offers consumer advice, and publishes reports/interviews. 

According to Cybernews:

If you’re looking for threat intelligence solutions focusing on network security, Threater is one of the best options on the market.

When attacks are getting more sophisticated, enterprises require more robust solutions than just a simple firewall. To ensure the highest levels of security, the Threater platform uses data from over 50 threat intelligence feeds to detect and automatically stop attacks before they even hit your network.

Another great thing about Threater is the seamless integration process – you don’t have to delete or adjust your existing security stack to implement this new solution.

We are thrilled to be recognized as one of the  best threat intelligence solutions as we continue to improve organizations’ risk posture with better network security by blocking cyber threats in real-time. 

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