Threater Reporting: Look Like a Cybersecurity Expert to Your Team!

Cybersecurity Report on Desk

“Hey there! We have a meeting in an hour, can you give the team a quick update on how well the Threater is protecting us?”

We’ve all been there. You’ve invested heavily in a strong, defense-in-depth security stack. You’ve double checked your regulatory compliance checklist and cross-checked it with your security posture policy.  If you needed to, you could log into your SIEM and various management tools to investigate and dissect the traffic and what is happening on your network, BUT!…you have 60 minutes until you have to brief the boss and team…and that’s not nearly enough time to do a deep dive through log files and create spreadsheets and graphs!

You need to look like a Rock Star at this team briefing.

Threater analytics and reporting to the rescue! In addition to satisfying compliance regulations for logging, IT teams can immediately access comprehensive, easy to use, intuitive graphics, analytics, and reporting via the Threater Management portal.

The Threater Management Portal Dashboard

The Threater Management portal dashboard summarizes malicious activity and the actions taken, and present them beautifully, utilizing graphics and charts that provide the need-to-know snapshot of the malicious activity that is being blocked at your perimeter…in short, making you look like a Rock Star!

“Tell you how to do it?” You say? It’s quite simple. Let’s take a look how!

Logging In to the Threater Management Portal

To Access the Threater Management portal, connect your browser to and log-in using your credentials:

  • As mentioned, from the Dashboard screen, you can see a snapshot of traffic, graphically represented by; Allowed/Denied, Country Top 10, and ASN Top 10. Additionally, the “Scheduled” button lists out easy to use preconfigured reports.
  • To access reporting, simply select the “Schedule” icon, located at the top right of the Dashboard screen:

From here, you access the “Scheduled Reports” home page. On this home page, you can schedule and run reports based on the traffic you would like to see, based on easy-to-use, predefined reports.

From this screen, you can simply choose the menu options to run our reports:

  1. Give your report a name
  2. Provide a description of your report
  3. Provide an email where you want your report delivered (remember, reports are not stored locally, so you need to give the device a location)
  4. From the Policies and Device drop down menus, choose specific policies you have configured on specific Threater device(s), from which you would like to run your report. So, rather than running a general report on all, you can be very granular, thereby providing a true snapshot of traffic being seen and dropped. For example, “I want to compare Data Center 1 vs. Data Center 2” or “I want to see stats for inbound traffic vs. outbound traffic.”  (It can all be done by simply choosing from which policy and which device you want your report to be run.)
  5. Next you are going to choose from your Preset drop down menu, from what time period you would like to run your report. Note that these report timeframes are on a 24-hour, midnight to midnight timeframe.
  6. Just to be sure, you choose the time zone that you are in which will be used to run the report. This is important if you have different devices at different locations that are geographically dispersed across time zones. For example, a 24-hour timeframe in New York City would be 4 hours different than a 24-hour timeframe in San Jose, California.
  7. Finally, select “Create” at the top right of the screen, and your report is run and sent to the email address you previously configured.

That’s it! You’ve run your report. Now you can access the report from your inbox, print it out, just in time to casually walk to your meeting (without breaking a sweat or being out-of-breath), and impress everyone with your powerful reporting skills! It’s that easy, and you are now a total Cyber Security Rock Star!

(That is, until they figure out how to access the features too. Remember! Log-in->Dashboard->Schedule icon->Fill out/choose drop down options->Click Create!)

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