Threater + ThreatSTOP: Proactively Stop Threats At Scale

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We’re excited to announce a new integration and partnership with ThreatSTOP. Together, we’re making threat intelligence (TI) actionable at a scale that far exceeds what can be done with existing network security controls. This powerful integration enables mutual customers to strengthen network defense by proactively using TI from ThreatSTOP in the Threater platform to block IP and domain-based threats before they hit your network.

About ThreatSTOP

ThreatSTOP is a cloud-based automated threat intelligence platform that converts the latest threat data into enforcement policies, and automatically updates network security controls (firewalls, routers, DNS servers, Threat Intelligence Gateways) and endpoints to stop attacks before they become breaches.

The ability to take action on TI at scale is critical to protecting networks from threats and maximizing the value of threat intelligence. When it comes to deploying the ThreatSTOP service on networks, customers typically integrate it to an existing network security control like a next-generation firewall (NGFW). However, a key challenge with this approach is the significant limitations that NGFWs have integrating TI. For example, most firewalls have limited capacity to integrate third-party TI indicators of compromise (IOCs). This forces organizations to operate with a limited subset of available TI resulting in suboptimal protection. It also leads to additional downstream effects including increased time and effort spent curating and managing external blocklists.

How Threater and ThreatSTOP Work Together

By leveraging the Threater platform, customers can deploy TI from ThreatSTOP and other sources at a scale that can’t be done with NGFWs. The Threater platform can block up to 150 Million third-party IP and domain IOCs far exceeding the capabilities of any NGFW.

The combination of Threater and ThreatSTOP allows customers to significantly improve network security by proactively using TI from ThreatSTOP and other sources at scale to block threats. It also allows customers to reduce manual work and save time by alleviating the need to manually curate and manage external blocklists. Finally, it allows customers to  maximize ROI on threat intelligence investments by making more of it actionable.

Check out our Joint Solution Brief to learn more!

Also watch this video from our very own Jay Brooke to see how easy it is to make threat intelligence from ThreatSTOP actionable in the Threater platform using the “out-of-the-box” ThreatSTOP plugin.