Turning IntSights Into Action

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At Threater, we’re focused on making threat intelligence actionable by blocking threats before they hit your network. Being able to aggregate and integrate high-fidelity threat intelligence is critical to our strategy. For this reason, we’re pleased to announce our partnership with IntSights, a leader in the threat intelligence space.

We’ve had our eye on IntSights for a while. While partnering with IntSights was logical from the “whiteboard” perspective, what’s cool about this partnership is that it was driven by our two companies coming together to solve a problem for a common customer.

Who is IntSights?

IntSights is a leader in the threat intelligence market. Their threat intelligence helps organizations find and mitigate external threats that directly target their organization, employees, and customers. This includes intelligence from “deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties.”

(I know what you are thinking and yes this is exactly what happens when you watch A Few Good Men too many times while forced to “stay at home.” ….but i digress…)

You should definitely check out to learn more.

 How Our Partnership Works

The short and sweet answer is that we enable mutual customers to easily integrate threat intel from the IntSights Threat Intelligence Platform into our Threat Intelligence Firewall platform, which makes threat intelligence actionable by blocking threats before they hit your network. We’ve added an IntSights plugin to our growing collection of “out of the box” connectors for Threat Intelligence Platforms, SIEMs, SOARs, and other systems.

What’s the Big Deal? Can’t I Do This in My Regular Firewall?

See! We already knew what you were thinking!

The short answer is no, not at the scale required. This is because next-generation firewalls have significant limitations in their ability to integrate third-party threat intelligence. The Threater Threat Intelligence Firewall platform can block threats using up to 150 million unique IP and domain indicators, thereby far outpacing the capabilities of firewalls. We will dig into this in more detail in an upcoming blog and whitepaper.

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 So….What Customer Problem Did You Solve?

Great segway! The problem we solved for our common customer was exactly what we just described. The customer couldn’t take action with threat intelligence using their next-generation firewalls at the scale required to protect their network. To put “scale” into perspective, during the evaluation the customer demonstrated they could block 700,000 unique indicators using our Threat Intelligence Firewall, which was over 10x greater than what they could in their Palo Alto Networks next-gen firewalls.

The Benefits

As our joint customer described it “…like chocolate and peanut butter.” IntSights provides threat intelligence and we make it actionable. In short, we turn IntSights into action. As far as benefits, together we’re strengthening security for our mutual customers and maximizing the ROI of threat intelligence by making it actionable. In addition, we also see many Threater customers experience improved firewall efficiencies enabling them to get more out of their firewall investment.

Want to Learn More?

Great because we’ve put together a lot of resources for you!

Check out our joint webinar:
IntSights + Threater–Automatically Block Threats with External Threat Intelligence

Visit our Intsights Integrations page where you will find our Joint Solution Brief, a cool demo video, and installation instructions.