You’ve asked. We delivered. 10Gbps is here.

Speedy Network Concept Image

Over the years, our customers have continually shared with us all the things they love about our Threat Intelligence Firewall platform. To summarize their lavish praise :), we have a simple, elegant, cost effective, powerful solution. That said, one thing they have continually asked for is greater throughput. For some of these customers, their need has been immediate – the need to service their larger networks. For others, they want a “grow as you go” option so that they can purchase a device once, and then pay for greater throughput as their network requirements grow. Either way, we here at Threater have listened, heard, and delivered. 

About Our New 10 Gbps Appliance

So (fanfare please…) we are excited to announce the release of our new 10 Gbps appliance – the 10GX. With our 10GX appliance, you can now block up to 150 million IP and domain indicators on a full-throttle 10 Gbps network. And because we use commercial, off-the-shelf hardware, we’re able to deliver a 10 Gbps appliance at an attractive price point. As with all of our appliances, it is super easy to deploy and manage via our cloud-based Global Management Center (GMC). In short, with the release of our 10GX appliance, we can offer the same protection goodness for larger networks.But wait! There’s more! Let’s say you know that your network traffic is going to grow to 10 Gbps over time but it’s not going to happen overnight. We have great news for you! Our flexible licensing model allows you to deploy 10 Gbps-capable hardware appliances while aligning your subscription licensing costs to your actual network traffic (minimum license of 2 Gbps required). This allows you to future proof your investment! 

When combined with our recent TIG OS 2.0, the 10GX release is yet another example of how we at Threater are delivering on our promise to Make Threat Intelligence Actionable.

But that’s not all…We have some big news coming on August 11th! Stay tuned.