Coffee & Cyber Defense: Filling the Firewall Gap

Threat Intelligence Gap Promotional Image

What do Colonial Pipeline, JBS, Volkswagen, and ParkMobile all have in common? They all had firewalls protecting their networks but they were still breached. Every successful cyber attack has breached a firewall at some point. Whether the threat came in through the front door or not, it evaded a firewall.

While next-generation firewalls provide a critical foundational layer of network defense, it’s clear that securing your network with firewalls alone is insufficient. The reason for this is “the firewall gap” problem. In fact, firewalls have multiple gaps which lead to multiple challenges protecting your networks from threats.

What’s Covered in this Firewall Intelligence Gap Webinar

Miss yesterday’s webinar? Want to rewatch the session? Click below to hear Cyber Security Expert Tad Dickie and Threater CSO Todd Weller:

  • Review the three main threat intelligence gaps with firewalls.
  • Discuss the common approaches organizations use to close these gaps and the limitations of these approaches.
  • Demonstrate how Threater helps customers to more effectively and efficiently fill the firewall gaps by combining threat intelligence, security automation, and network enforcement into a single, easy to deploy, SaaS-based platform.
  • Showcase how customer’s use Threater and the benefits they are experiencing.

Want to learn more? Check out our some of our recent blog posts about the three firewall gaps and how Bandura fills in these gaps. Or schedule a demo and see first hand how Threater allows you to improve network protection, reduce manual work, and save time.