Proactively Deter Threats with DomainTools IP Hotlist

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Did you get a chance to join the Threater and DomainTools webinar? Attendees got a chance to learn how the DomainTools IP Hotlist empowers network defenders to proactively deter threats to their networks or gain better insights on IP addresses that appear in alerts.

Recording of the Threater and DomainTools Webinar

Whether you missed the session or were able to attend, it’s always good to have the the recording and slides handy for quick reference! Get quick access to the slides here or click below to rewatch the webinar:

We are excited to include the Domain Tools IP Hotlist, which provides SOC and threat intelligence personnel with context around IPs to assess the risk associated with an event, in our Cyber Intelligence Marketplace.

Join us on Thursday, September 9th to learn more about Drilling Malware, Phishing, Spam Threats with Bandura + Domain Tools. DomainTools Malicious Domains Block List and IP Hotlist are included with all Threater subscriptions. Make the most of the Bandura + DomainTools partnership and learn how to connect the dots on malicious activity and prevent attacks!