Up Your Threat Intel Game with Context & Proactive Automated Blocking

Cyjax Webinar Hero Image

Miss yesterday’s joint webinar with Cyjax? Looking to learn how you can up your threat intel game with context & proactive automated blocking? Check out the recording of yesterday’s session and hear how organizations can combine context-rich threat intelligence and automated enforcement to increase protection from cyber threats.

Indicators of compromise (IOCs) are a valuable component of threat intelligence. However, on the journey from threat identification to IOC generation, valuable context is created. Context makes threat intelligence significantly more powerful! It improves an organization’s visibility into the threat landscape while also helping to determine the relevance of specific threats.

While gathering threat intelligence and understanding context provides powerful visibility into threats, it’s what organizations do with it that’s critical to maximizing its value. When it comes to taking action with threat intelligence, it is still too heavily focused on manual detection and response versus automated prevention. While there are multiple factors behind this, the inability of existing security controls to use threat intelligence at scale is a key one.

Topics Covered in this Webinar

Some of topics covered in the webinar include:

– The importance of threat intelligence context and the value it provides.

– How Cyjax leverages its team of skilled analysts and automation to deliver valuable threat intelligence that is both rich in context and relevant to an organization.

– The current state of how organizations are taking action with threat intelligence and why it remains too focused on manual detection and response vs. automated prevention.

– How Threater makes it easy for you to automatically prevent threats in real time using threat intel from Cyjax and other sources.