Webinar: How Law Firms Improve Cyber Defenses with Threat Intelligence

Law Firm Cybersecurity Master Class Cover Image

Threater CSO Todd Weller lead a discussion about cyber security in the legal services industry with a panel of legal security experts:

  • Alex Klamkin, Director Systems & Information Security, Wilson Allen
  • Daniel Lehman, Director of Technology, Arnalll Golden Gregory LLP
  • Jeff Shelldon, Chief Information Officer, Evans & Dixon LLC

Why Cyber Defense is Crucial for Law Firms

Law firms continue to experience multiple pressures when it comes to cybersecurity. Attackers are increasingly targeting law firms in an attempt to gain access to the valuable data they possess.There’s lots of it, it can require significant resources to consume and manage, and taking action with threat intelligence can be challenging due to the fact that existing security controls don’t play nicely with third-party threat intelligence data.

With an increased focus on third party risk, clients are pressuring law firms to up their cybersecurity games. However, threat intelligence brings its own challenges. Tack onto this, an increase in digitization, cloud computing, a significant increase in remote workers, regulatory and compliance drivers and you get the picture. There’s a lot going on when it comes to cybersecurity in the legal services industry.

What Our Panel Discusses in this Webinar

Listen in to hear our panel discuss:

  • How they keep up with growing cybersecurity pressures
  • How they are using threat intelligence in their security efforts.
  • What types of threat intelligence is being used and how is it being used.
  • The key challenges they face when it comes to threat intelligence and making it actionable.