Webinar: Making Threat Intelligence Actionable for Financial Services

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Our customer Tad Dickie, VP & CSO at a leading financial services institution, joins Threater CSO Todd Weller to discuss how his organization is using threat intelligence to improve its cyber defenses.

Why Threat Intelligence is Important for the Financial Services Industry

Financial Services organizations are increasingly relying on threat intelligence to improve their ability to detect and prevent cyber threats. This includes threat intelligence from multiple sources including commercial providers, open source, government, and industry threat intelligence from organizations like FS-ISAC.

However, one of the key challenges with threat intelligence is the ability to take action in a simple and scalable way. These challenges are a result of resource constraints and limitations integrating third-party threat intelligence into existing security controls like next-generation firewalls.

What Our Panel Discusses in this Webinar

At Threater we provide an easy and effective way to deploy threat intelligence at scale on any network. Listen on to get a closer look at:

  • How financial services organizations are using threat intelligence to improve cyber defenses,
  • The challenges they face making threat intelligence actionable, and
  • Why leveraging the Threater platform to overcome challenges and make threat intelligence actionable is critical to improving security posture.