Webinar Recap: How Law Firms use Threater to Stop Attacks with Autonomous Cyber Defense

Autonomous Cyber Defense Webinar Cover Photo

Did you miss last week’s webinar with Threater CSO Todd Weller and Davis Polk CISO Richard Timbol? Are you looking to share your learnings with others? Well now you can now watch clips of Davis Polk’s key learnings / insights or rewatch the full webinar.

The Problem

“…We blew up our firewalls with the amount of threat intelligence we were trying to push through them, we learned that even next-gen firewalls have hard limits on how many IOCs they can handle…”

The Solution

“…We were looking for a solution to help us absorb more threat intelligence at the perimeter and be able to block those things that we knew were bad domains / bad IP addresses…”

Improved Blocking

“…It was kind of crazy – while we thought we were blocking a lot of things, we found out after we put Threater in place [that] we were actually missing about 50% of the threats that were hitting us…”

Threat Intelligence Capacity

“…Before Threater, we were taking in public & government feeds but didn’t have room for industry-specific feeds, Webroot / DomainTools, or what we examined through our own malware analysis…”

Firewall Efficiency

“…Having Threater deployed inline between the Internet & our firewall allows us to take a load off the firewall from a threat intelligence perspective and frees up resources for the firewall to do faster SSL inspection…”

Deploy & Maintain

“…Threater helped us make sure that our high availability stayed high availability and did not add any latency or interuption to our architecture – it’s a force multiplier that reduces time spent curating threat intel…”

Block & Allow

“…It takes us a matter of minutes to block or allow IPs or domains – Threater lets us protect our entire global environment with a one step process versus updating every firewall with that domain…”

False Positives

“…False positives are a nature of threat intelligence – Threater helps us easily find false positives, ‘allow’ the IP or domain that is being blocked, and fix global problems in 5 minutes…”

Network Benefits

“…My network guys are happy that we put Threater in place – Threater blocks 1.1B threats per month that don’t hit the firewall resulting in firewall CPU & memory utilization efficiencies…”


“…Threater is one of the easiest tech products in security I’ve ever deployed – we’ve significantly reduced time spent ‘babying’ firewall threat intelligence and recouped half a headcount a week…”

Full Webinar

Cyber intelligence is critical to preventing attacks and reducing risk. However the current model for consuming and deploying cyber intelligence is too complex, resource intensive, expensive and ineffective. At Threater, we’ve built a cloud-based platform that integrates cyber intelligence, automation, and network enforcement into a single solution that is easy to deploy.

Watch the full recording of the webinar and hear from Threater and Davis Polk about the challenges law firms face acquiring, deploying, and blocking threats using cyber intelligence and how the Threater platform eliminates these challenges.

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