Archer News Network: 363% Increase in Malware Attacks

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Kerry Tomlinson reports on the growing threat of ransomware on city governments, private industries and other enterprise level networks. With a 363% increase in ransomware attacks on large entities from last year, there is a clear shift by ransomware hackers away from home networks towards more lucrative targets in the professional industry.

Todd Weller on the Recent Increase in Ransomware Attacks

Todd Weller, Chief Strategy Officer, for Bandura Cyber, was contacted to give comment on the increase in ransomware attacks. Weller argued that the best protection against these types of ransom attacks is data backups, saying “Make an investment in backing up your data. Then there’s nothing to really hold hostage, right? You minimize the amount of data that you’re not able to get back.”

Weller also advised companies to update or patch software & systems, train employees on phishing email awareness, outsource network security if you have insufficient staff, and consider moving data to the cloud in order to rely on the security of larger companies.

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