Gula Tech Adventures: Interview with Threater CSO, Todd Weller

Skyline with Bandura Cyber logo

Chief Strategy Officer of Bandura Cyber, Todd Weller, sits down for an interview with Gula Tech Adventures to discuss Bandura Cyber’s Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) technology. Weller characterizes Bandura Cyber’s TIG as a network security gateway that filters inbound and outbound network traffic using multiple threat intelligence sources. 

“The TIG is making an allow or deny decision based on a combination of blacklisting, whitelisting, reputation score, GEO-IP and/or organization based on Autonomous System Number (ASN)” – Todd Weller, Chief Strategy Officer, Bandura Cyber

Who Benefits Most from Threater’s Threat Intelligence Gateway

When asked to identify which customers benefit most from Bandura Cyber’s TIG, Weller identifies the wide variety of clients that use the company’s product. Smaller, highly specialized companies benefit from industry sharing ISAC or ISAO industry feeds, while larger security organizations are threat intelligence power users and integrate internal threat intelligence into the TIG.

As seen to the right, an example of the the impact of Bandura Cyber can be seen immediately as viewed through an Eastwind Networks (recently acquired by NetScout) console. The area circled shows how an entire class of alerts disappears after being filtered by Bandura. This type of filtering dramatically increases the efficiency of your SOC.

The blog story continues, covering threat intelligence providers, geographic filtering, and SIEMs, SOARs and data lakes. 

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