Journal of Cyber Policy: RSA 2019 Chat: Bandura Cyber

Skyline with Bandura Cyber logo

Editor of the Journal of Cyber Policy, Hugh Taylor interviews Chief Strategy Officer of Bandura Cyber, Todd Weller, about the Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) category and how TIGs utilize threat intelligence to protect networks. In this comment to Taylor, CSO Todd Weller explains how TIGs manage a scope of connections that traditional next-generation enterprise firewalls cannot handle: 

“It’s a matter of scale. Even a big firewall can only handle about 300,000 third party IP addresses. The problem is that the threat landscape offers up suspicious IPs by the million.” 

Bandura Cyber’s TIG manages this level of traffic by integrating data from third parties like ISACs and from commercial threat intelligence solutions such as Webroot.

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