Threater Announces New Brand with Expansion To Go Beyond Blocking


Threater, formerly known as ThreatBlockr, rebrands to better align with its mission to fill the gaps in modern security architectures. The company is also making its threat intelligence aggregation product free to all users and is expanding its cyber marketplace.

TYSONS, VA / ACCESSWIRE / November 6, 2023 / Threater, the only active defense cybersecurity platform, today announced its new brand identity to reflect a more resilient, diversified company focused on helping customers defend against all-encompassing modern cybersecurity threats. With this new chapter for the company, Threater’s platform expansion now fully automates the discovery, enforcement, and analysis of cyber threats at a massive scale.

The evolution of Threater is marked by a concerted effort to not only block known threats but also to provide a comprehensive suite of offerings aimed at arming organizations against the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. In an era where the digital landscape is rife with increasingly sophisticated threats, Threater recognizes the critical need for organizations to not merely react to cyber threats but to proactively defend their digital assets.

“Security teams are increasingly coming to understand the costs of unmanaged and undetected cyber security threats,” said Brian McMahon, Threater CEO. “Through our relationships with our global customer base and industry-leading partners, we have the experience and are uniquely positioned to help organizations block all known threats entering and exiting the network and now also mitigate the unknown threats inside their network. Our customers have been asking for these types of additional services and we are excited about now being able to offer them.”

In addition to the corporate rebrand, Threater is also announcing the launch of a new freemium product, expansion of their current Cyber Marketplace, and a new brand for their world-class enforcement engine. These three key solutions will continue to expand to help organizations defend against cyber attacks:

  • Threater Collect: Available to the public at no cost, Collect allows companies to aggregate and manage cyber intelligence in the cloud and easily export it to their existing tools. It provides millions of open-source IOCs as well as a proprietary Cloud Attackers dataset only available to Threater Collect users. Additional premium cyber intelligence subscriptions are available for Collect customers to subscribe to as a monthly cost for integration into the Collect platform.
  • Threater Cyber Marketplace: Threater has also evolved and expanded its Cyber Marketplace offerings, allowing users to acquire and deploy additional premium third-party cyber intelligence feeds and lists. This marketplace is available to all Threater customers at any level of service.

The Cyber Marketplace is also expanding with a services branch. Within the Services Marketplace offering, Threater offers their flagship firewall assessment service (Discover), as well as exclusive Advanced list management that includes dedicated SOC-as-a-Service hours and white glove support tiers. More services are slated for the Cyber Services Marketplace in the future.

  • Threater Enforce: Through an updated user experience, Threater Edge is now Threater Enforce. Enforce users can autonomously leverage cyber intelligence data and remove every known threat – in real-time – at scale – across an organization’s entire network. Threater Enforce can be deployed virtually, physically, or in the cloud on all three major cloud network providers, or any combination thereof.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new identity and portfolio of products, which truly reflects our dedication to real-time, scalable, and autonomous threat defense,” said Courtney Brady, Threater VP of Marketing. “Through Threater’s comprehensive solutions, our clients can optimize and reinforce their current technology infrastructure, actively contributing to their cybersecurity defenses. This new brand and its offerings signify our commitment to bolstering our customers’ security and positioning ourselves for sustained growth.”

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