Ransomware Attacks Targeting Local Governments are on the Rise

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Todd Weller on What Local Governments Can Do to Repel Ransomware

Chief Strategy Officer, Todd Weller, had a chance to catch up with The Last Watchdog’s Byron Acohido at Black Hat this year and discuss what local governments can do to repel ransomware. Here is a clip from the article:

Local government agencies remain acutely exposed to being hacked. That’s long been true. However, at this moment in history, two particularly worrisome types of cyber attacks are cycling up and hitting local government entities hard: ransomware sieges and election tampering.

Ransomware attacks against local government entities at some point will run its course. Eventually, governments will address the risk by beefing up security and purchasing cyber insurance, which go hand in glove. The fact that the losses municipalities are sustaining is quantifiable, makes this a definable problem that can be addressed by traditional risk mitigation approaches.

Learn more about what Todd had to say by reading the full article, or listening to the podcast, on The Last Watchdog here.

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