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Tysons, VA, July 9, 2020 – Bandura Cyber, a leader in making threat intelligence actionable, today announced a new partnership with Recorded Future, the largest global security intelligence provider. The partnership allows for simple integration of Recorded Future security intelligence with the Bandura Cyber Threat Intelligence Firewall platform, enabling mutual customers to make threat intelligence actionable in a more scalable and automated way. The Recorded Future plugin, which includes support for Security Control Feeds, is available immediately.

Our Partnership with Recorded Future

Bandura Cyber’s Threat Intelligence Firewall platform aggregates and integrates threat intelligence in the cloud and makes it actionable by blocking known bad traffic before it hits your network. Recorded Future’s Security Intelligence Platform automatically collects and analyzes intelligence from technical, open web, and dark web sources and aggregates customer-proprietary data revealing unknown threats before they impact business. By proactively blocking potential predators, the partnership strengthens shared customers’ network security.

“Actionable security intelligence remains more important than ever with today’s ever-evolving threat landscape. We believe our partnership with Bandura Cyber will further strengthen our clients’ ability to automate the ability to assess the threats their organizations face and respond in real time.” – Stuart Solomon, Chief Operating Officer, Recorded Future, Recorded Future

The Recorded Future Connect partner program is laser focused on providing intelligence that helps teams make faster, more confident decisions by integrating rich threat intelligence into all security processes. Today, partners represent leading SIEM, incident response, ticketing, link analysis, security infrastructure, security orchestration and automation, vulnerability management, and threat intelligence platform (TIP) solutions.

“We are very excited to partner with Recorded Future, a clear leader in the threat intelligence space,” said Brian McMahon, CEO, Bandura Cyber. “Our companies share a common obsession for making threat intelligence actionable so that our customers can proactively eliminate cyber threats. This partnership makes it even easier for our customers to make that happen.”

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About Threater

Bandura Cyber’s Threat Intelligence Firewall platform aggregates and integrates threat intelligence in the cloud and makes it actionable by blocking known bad traffic before it hits your network. The Bandura Cyber Threat Intelligence Firewall platform can block up to 150M IP and domain threat indicators at line speed far exceeding the capabilities of next-generation firewalls.

The company’s turnkey solution can be quickly installed, easily deployed and managed from anywhere. Bandura Cyber’s Threat Intelligence Firewall platform helps organizations strengthen network defenses, complement existing firewalls, and reduce staff workload. To learn more, visit

About Recorded Future

Recorded Future delivers security intelligence to amplify the effectiveness of security and IT teams in reducing exposure by uncovering unknown threats and informing better, faster decisions. Working to provide a singular view of digital, brand, and third-party risk, the Recorded Future platform provides proactive and predictive intelligence, analyzing data from open, proprietary, and aggregated customer-provided sources. Recorded Future arms threat analysts, vulnerability management teams, security operations centers, and incident responders with context-rich, actionable intelligence in real time that’s ready for integration across the security ecosystem. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter at @RecordedFuture.


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