Threater Announces Integration with Google Cloud Platform


This expansion to the Google Cloud Platform allows Threater customers to deploy on all three major cloud platforms, including AWS and Azure, and continues Threater’s efforts to bring Threat Blocking-as-a-Service anywhere and everywhere customers need to protect their users and data.

July 11 2023, Tysons VA

Threater, the SaaS-based autonomous cyber intelligence and active threat defense platform, announced its strategic integration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This latest addition to its cloud portfolio enhances Threater’s ability to deliver its robust, scalable network security solution to customers worldwide.

Google Cloud Platform offers a broad range of services and tools, giving organizations even more choices when seeking to move any number of their network services to the cloud, both now or in the future. By seamlessly integrating our software stack into GCP, Threater can now offer foundational network threat protection on all three of the three major cloud providers (AWS, Azure and GCP), on-premise, or hybrid network configurations. 

“This is a natural expansion for Threater to the Google Cloud Platform,” said Patrick McGarry, Chief Technical Officer at Threater. “Threater features always-on control and synchronization of geo-IP data, ASNs, allowed lists, denied lists, threat lists, policies, and more in real-time. Our solutions provide best-in-class protection with no measurable impact to network performance, which will now be the case for GCP customers as well.”

Threater already has established integrations with  Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. By adding this integration into Google Cloud Platform, Threater strengthens its position as a multi-cloud provider capable of eliminating known threats from any network by leveraging best-in-class public, commercial, and open-source intelligence. 

“Our integration with Google Cloud Platform is a significant milestone for Threater,” said Brian McMahon, CEO at Threater. “We believe that by expanding our cloud offerings to include GCP, we can provide customers with even greater flexibility, scalability, and protection, no matter where their network data or users are located, be that now or in the future. This integration allows Threater’s patented technology to protect your GCP infrastructure by allowing and/or blocking incoming and/or outgoing packets in real-time, based on policy and list configurations.” 

Learn more about this new integration with Google Cloud Platform here.

About Threater

Threater is the only active defense cybersecurity platform that fully automates the enforcement, deployment, and analysis of cyber intelligence at a massive scale. As the foundational layer of an active defense strategy, Threater’s patented solution blocks known threats from ever reaching customers’ networks. Threater utilizes immense volumes of cyber intelligence from over 50 renowned security vendors to provide unparalleled visibility over the threat landscape resulting in a more efficient and effective security posture. Security teams at companies of all sizes use Threater to deploy active security, gain real-time network visibility into threats and policy violations, ensure their network is protected, and reduce manual work. Block. Every. Threat. at