Threater Launches Cyber Threat Intelligence Marketplace

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Curated cyber intelligence data marketplace enables customers to discover, access, deploy and enforce data from leading companies. Extended partnership with DomainTools gives all Bandura Cyber customers access to DomainTools data and their new “IP Hotlist”

July 12, Tysons, VA: Bandura Cyber, a leading provider of autonomous cyber intelligence and defense, today announces the release of the “Cyber Intelligence Marketplace,” allowing Bandura Cyber clients to easily discover, access, acquire, deploy and enforce a curated collection of high quality cyber intelligence data within minutes across their entire network and edge – in real time – without added latency.

The Bandura Cyber Intelligence Marketplace offers over 50 data listings and integrations, including DomainTools, Proofpoint, Webroot, open source lists, government lists and ISAC/ISAO integrations. The new marketplace also includes cyber intelligence data from five new premium data sources: Cyjax, Intel 471, Malware Patrol and Well-Fed Threat Intelligence from Bambenek Labs.

Cyber Intelligence Marketplace Features

With the Bandura Cyber Intelligence Marketplace customers can:

  • Easily discover, evaluate, and acquire cutting edge cyber intelligence data to protect their networks, data and users.
  • Benefit from automated curation and management of all of your cyber intelligence in one, easy to use, cloud-based interface that scales with your evolving needs.
  • Instantly deploy data across your network in real-time and increase network protection by taking action with high-value intelligence from a variety of sources.

Bandura Cyber is also announcing an extended partnership with DomainTools, the leader in domain name and DNS-based predictive threat intelligence. As a result, Bandura will include DomainTools’ “IP Hotlist,” and  “Domain Hotlist” with all of its subscriptions.  These tools ensure Bandura clients have full access to Domain Tools’  list of hostile IP addresses that enable malware downloads, command and control, data exfiltration, espionage, and other threat activities, as well as its comprehensive list of more than 10 million high-risk domains associated with phishing, malware, and spam threats.

Brian McMahon on Threater’s Cyber Intelligence Marketplace

According to Brian McMahon, CEO, Bandura Cyber: “Every organization should be using a multitude of cyber intelligence to defend their networks. Bandura is investing heavily in data and offering more and more data sources to our customers. The addition of the Cyber Intelligence Marketplace and our extended partnership with DomainTools, allows Bandura to offer its customers the most robust, relevant and actionable data for protecting their networks. Access to more data and the ability to easily curate, deploy and enforce it makes the Bandura platform an invaluable part of any organization’s security stack.”

“We are very pleased to have Bandura Cyber as our inaugural partner for the IP Hotlist,” said DomainTools Senior Product Manager Dan Fernández. “We couldn’t ask for a better team and product to work with. Bandura’s cyber intelligence products are innovative and very effective, making this an ideal fit. Ever since we introduced our popular Domain Risk Score, we have seen a demand for IP scoring, and we are proud to add IP Hotlist to our suite of infrastructure intelligence products.”

Register now to learn more about Bandura’s Cyber Intelligence Marketplace at our Webinar on Thursday, July 15th at 1pm EDT. You can find more information on the webinar here:

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