Threater Releases Case Study on Data Security in Higher Education


South Carolina-based Claflin University used Threater’s network security solution and had significant results to report

TYSONS, VA / ACCESSWIRE / November 3, 2022 / Threater today released a case study about their client Claflin University, providing practical insights on what it looks like to use their network security solution, Threater, for defending against cyber threats.

Our Partnership with Claflin University

The staff at Claflin University, a historically black university with 2100 students, chose to leverage Threater when their small team needed a better way to secure the school’s technology. With 5G internet connections and a fibered network with 850 access points running through a nearby downtown area, they wanted to improve their network security posture without adding to their 8-person team.

Additionally, the security solution could not hinder students from accessing and using the network. The team at Claflin chose Threater, with its bottom line of “blocking every threat” and IP-based filtering techniques.

“We wanted a way to block security threats without a dedicated team needing to look at incoming network traffic,” said Joey Brenn, Associate Vice President of IT at Claflin University. “Our small staff is already stretched thin, and it’s often difficult to find new personnel in today’s workforce. So, a solution like Threater that just sits on top of our security stack and automatically blocks cyber threats at such a high level was a great fit. It enables us to run secure technology for our students without compromising their ability to connect to our high-speed networks and ultimately learn, grow and succeed on our campus.”

Within the first 24 hours of using Threater, Claflin University blocked two million threat actors before students had arrived on campus for the new semester. With the anticipation of more than 5G of internet traffic, Threater will scale and support the IT team to continue keeping professors, staff, and students secure. In addition, Claflin will continue to leverage Threater to achieve the NIST standards by identifying where security gaps exist that could prevent them from being compliant.

Brian McMahon on Cybersecurity in Higher Education

“It’s been great to see the immediate impact and protection Threater has been able to provide to the security team at Claflin University,” said Brian McMahon, CEO of Threater. “Our active defense security platform was a great fit for a higher education institution that also needed to provide a consistent, high-speed network service to their students. Threater focuses on blocking malicious IPs which not only makes it more effective but significantly more lightweight as well. Higher Ed institutions face a number of unique security solutions such as unpredictable raw traffic and multiple access points, and our team has been able to tackle them in this space.”

Threater’s simple but powerful network solution works alongside any pre-existing security stack. Rather than replacing the functionality of any current firewalls or security toolkits, it works to filter out known malicious IPs, blocking threat actors before they can reach the security stack in the first place. Read Threater’s Full Case Study on Cybersecurity in Higher Education here.

About Threater

Threater is the only active defense cybersecurity platform that fully automates the enforcement, deployment, and analysis of cyber intelligence at a massive scale. As the foundational layer of an active defense strategy, Threater’s patented solution blocks known threats from ever reaching customers’ networks. Threater utilizes immense volumes of cyber intelligence from over 50 renowned security vendors to provide unparalleled visibility over the threat landscape resulting in a more efficient and effective security posture. Security teams at companies of all sizes use Threater to deploy active security, gain real-time network visibility into threats and policy violations, ensure their network is protected, and reduce manual work. Block. Every. Threat.