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With Over 50 Integrations, the Threater Platform Puts Best-in-Class Intelligence at Your Fingertips

The Threater platform enables you to detect and block threats using best-in-class threat intelligence in two main ways. First, as part of our subscription offerings, we provide tens of millions of threat indicators from multiple sources. These sources include leading commercial threat intelligence providers like Webroot, Proofpoint Emerging Threats, and Domain Tools, open source, industry (ISAC/ISAO membership required) and government. Second, using our “out of the box” partner integrations, we make it simple for you to integrate threat intelligence in real time from any source. With a few clicks you can be taking action with threat intelligence from other sources, including systems like Threat Intelligence Platforms, SIEMs, SOARs, and more. And, last but not least, we make it simple for users to build their own integrations using our robust and easy to use set of REST APIs. Our platform also provides connectors that make it easy for you to create automated IP and domain denied lists.

While using threat intelligence at scale to block bad traffic is a key component of our value proposition, an equally important component is our ability to make it easy to allow known good traffic at scale. To that end, we offer “out of the box” Automated Allowed Lists to mitigate false positives. Our lists allow you to easily allow known good traffic from sources like Google, Microsoft, DocuSign, and Zoom to name a few.

Threater makes your IT life easier by filtering through the noise and delivering threat intelligence from multiple trusted and best-in-class sources so that you don’t have to. Check out a list of of integrations below: