Cyjax Threat Intelligence Integration with Threater

Using Cyjax and the Threater threat intelligence platform in tandem allows organizations to integrate Cyjax’s threat intelligence IOCs to provide for detections that occur within their network. Identifying the “signal” in the background “noise” of security operations is critical for direct, immediate action and prioritizing mitigation activity.

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Fully contextualized IOCs generated by our team of analysts covering the cyber threat landscape, including malware and threat actor campaigns, breaches & exploits.

IOCs uncovered by Cyjax research and across the threat landscape facilitate additional enrichment and crosscorrelation with other threat information and intelligence

Reduce false positives by ingesting a validated feed of contextualized IOCs. This will enable you to process threat intelligence faster through the SOAR and SIEM, which, in turn, allows for timely and actionable mitigation

Easy and fast deployment via Threater Intelligence Marketplace

Cyjax Threat Intelligence

The Cyjax Threat Intelligence feed consists of a validated feed of contextualized IP and domain indicators of compromise (IOCs) discovered from Cyjax research and across the threat landscape to allow for additional enrichment and cross-correlation with other threat information and intelligence.

About Cyjax

Cyjax’s aim is to safeguard your data and secure your future by providing accurate, timely and actionable threat intelligence. Our mission is to be the preeminent supplier of threat intelligence for enterprises, SMEs and governments around the world. Established in 2012, Cyjax has built a reputation for producing world-class cyber threat intelligence across a broad range of sectors. We have developed our innovative technology from the ground up. Combined with years of experience in the intelligence community, this has made Cyjax a world class security and intelligence company..

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