Why Should You Upgrade to Enforce?

Informed by best-in-class cyber intelligence, Enforce blocks traffic to and from known threat actors

Access to Open Source Data
Ability to utilize & implement your own tools and already owned data sources
Marketplace Feed Access
Access to DomainTools$
Access to Webroot$
Access to GreyNoise RIOT$
Blocking Known Threats
Manage Threat Intelligence
Premium Support$
Platinum Support$$

What Does it Cost?

$8k year

Interested in our Quick Start Program? Get Access to Enforce for 3 months with premium support – and decide if you want a longer commitment later on.


Includes 24×7 support at no cost for the trial period


$799×3 = $2,397  

(includes 1Gb hardware*)
*If required.
If 10GB capability is needed, please provide notice


Total: $3,897

Eliminate known threats from your network at line speed

By removing this traffic going to and from known threat actors, Enforce eliminates up to 30-50% of internet traffic. This allows your teams and technologies to focus on the unknown instead of wasting their time and resources on known-bad traffic.

Why Firewalls are Missing the Mark

Managing threat intelligence has limitations within your Firewall. Firewalls cannot scale to process all of the indicators and enforce against the traffic needed to prevent an attack. Additionally, managing firewalls becomes too time-consuming and tedious in order to keep up with aggregating, deduplicating and validating indicators in real time.

Threater leverages the full power of the cyber intelligence community to Enforce against threat actors by blocking their traffic at the network level, no matter how they enter or exit the network.

Upgrade to Enforce

Benefits of Enforce

Reduce Risk

Immediately improve network protection and increase your defense in depth by leveraging cyber intelligence from over 50 leading sources to block known-bad traffic.

Increase Productivity

Reduce the amount of redundant alerts and logs for your teams and technologies by automatically eliminating up to 30-50% of all traffic hitting the security stack.

Reduce Costs

Enforce does not require full time employees to monitor. By eliminating the traffic to and from known threat actors, you can reduce your other tools’ ingest requirements without the need for more security staff.

Improve Efficiency

Automations reduce manual work, save time, and ensure you are always protecting your network with real-time threat intelligence.