Threater + Anomali: Two Powerhouses in One Solution

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An Ongoing Blog Series Highlighting Threater’s Best-In-Class Threat Intelligence

The next Threat Intelligence Platform integration we want to cover in our series is our relationship with Anomali. Anomali is an icon in the Threat Intelligence and TIP space. Founded in 2013 as an early threat intelligence innovator (which, let’s face it, in tech that’s a really long time ago), Anomali solutions serve customers around the world in nearly every major industry vertical, including many of the Global 2000. They are kind of a big deal. :)

Threater and Anomali

The Threater platform can easily integrate and take action using threat intelligence from the Anomali platform. This enables you to block connections to and from known malicious IPs and domains before they hit your network. You can also easily create automated IP and domain blacklists based on threat indicators from the Anomali platform. But that’s not all, we’ve made it even easier for you with an “out-of-the-box” Anomali plugi-n, available in the Threater cloud-based Management Portal. Using this plug-in, you can integrate IP indicators from Anomali into Threat Lists in the Threater platform.

But we don’t just stop there, Anomali threat intelligence is automatically updated in the Threater platform, ensuring always-current network protection and reduced manual workloads for you and your staff (or just you if you are a team of 1!).

Threater and Anomali offer a powerhouse of threat intelligence-driven protection. Check out our datasheet to learn more!

Even cooler, our very own Jay “The ROCK STAR” Brooke has recorded a video highlighting the integration between Anomali and Threater. Check it out here:

Stay Tuned!

In our coming blogs, we will highlight more of our TIP integrations and partners.

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